Published: March 21, 2023

Our First Carlson Gracie Tucson In-House Tournament

We are soooo proud of all our students who participated in our First Carlson Gracie Tucson In-house Tournament held on Saturday, March 4th.

We wanted to give our aspiring students and athletes the opportunity to participate in a BJJ tournament in a comfortable atmosphere and with a lot of support. Having an in-house tournament was just the venue to allow this to happen. Our goal was to help alleviate some of the nerves and pressure while still giving our students a taste of a true tournament with official judges, scoring and spectators.

It was a Blast and a huge success!!

It takes courage to step into the competition ring. A LOT of practice and dedication, blood, sweat, and tears are behind all the hard work.

We honor our students and their WARRIOR SPIRITS and want to thank them for participating.

It was a privilege to see you all shine!

Published: March 21, 2023

Categories: Kids, Martial Arts, Tournament